For American Heart Month, Improve Your Commercial HVAC System for Employee Health

For American Heart Month, Improve Your Commercial HVAC System for Employee Health

February is American Heart Month to promote a healthier lifestyle for everyone by taking care of the most important organ in the body. Many workplaces are focusing on finding ways to improve the health of employees in the workplace during this month. Besides keeping your employees around longer, caring about employee health as a business owner makes them happier to work there and actually lowers workplace overhead since employees will not use as many sick days.


There are many ways businesses are trying to improve employee health include providing healthy snacks in the office or promoting breaks throughout the day to stretch and be active, both of which help the heart. But one thing that many employers miss that can greatly improve the heart health of employees is the indoor air quality from your commercial HVAC system. Poor indoor air quality can lead to many different types of illnesses and symptoms, from impaired breathing to constant headaches. Here are some ways to improve the indoor air quality of your commercial HVAC system.

Check Airflow Parts

Many of the parts that help push air through your ducts, including fans, filters, and coils, see a lot of abuse. With the hectic nature of commercial businesses, it is easy to forget to regularly change and check these airflow pieces. When they are neglected, mold can form in the HVAC system which pollutes the air. Even if employees do not have mold allergies, prolonged mold exposure can be very hazardous to everyone’s health.

Use Bathroom Exhaust

Your main vents are not the only thing pushing air through your commercial building. The exhaust system in your bathroom plays a big part in indoor air quality. Be sure the exhaust fan is cleaned regularly to keep the air quality high. It is also a good idea to have the exhaust fan turn on any time the light is turned on. This allows the air to constantly be circulating in the bathroom.

Perform Regular Commercial HVAC System Maintenance

There are a lot of moving parts to your HVAC system and ignoring them for prolonged periods of time not only increases the chance of repair, but it can also hurt the indoor air quality of your commercial property. Consider a maintenance agreement for your commercial HVAC system. This will allow a professional to manage and maintain the HVAC and will be sure to keep the air quality high and your employees healthy all year long.


- Preventative Maintenance is key to the longevity of your equipment
- Why leave your systems to chance?
- Is your water safe?



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