Starting Fresh with Your Commercial Refrigeration System This Spring

Starting Fresh with Your Commercial Refrigeration System This Spring

Whether you are a restaurant or a convenience store, the commercial refrigeration system in your establishment is the heart of your operation. Without a properly working refrigerator, food spoils and you lose out on profits. You also risk the health of your customers and patrons which could lead some incredibly damaging PR down the road. Even when your refrigerator seems to be humming along, if you have neglected maintenance your commercial refrigeration is at risk. With spring cleaning motivation around the corner, it is time to get your commercial refrigeration system cleaned out to ensure it is working properly.

Advice on commercial refrigeration spring cleaning


Check Gaskets

The gaskets and closers are what helps keep your refrigerator door sealed. When these are not functioning properly, warm and humid air will leak into the refrigerator unit. This makes your refrigerator work harder to keep it cool, increasing your risk of higher energy bills, more food spoilage, and parts of your commercial refrigeration system breaking. It is a good idea to keep an eye on your doors’ seals weekly. Make sure they are sealing completely flush and that the gasket is not peeling away. If you notice this happening, call a refrigerator technician immediately before you lose money or risk a larger repair down the road.

Clean Your Compressor

The coils in the compressor should not have any contaminant, such as dust, the inhibits the system from functioning properly. The same with the gaskets, a dirty compressor has to work harder to keep up and can cause a larger repair problem, like your compressor going out during your busy time over the weekend.

Clear Drains

Here is what happens when a drain block occurs in your commercial refrigeration system. Instead of condensation evaporating out the drain, it will build up with nowhere to go. Your interior refrigerator space will become flooded and freezer space will see frozen build up. This makes a condenser work overtime trying to eliminate the build up, causing a large repair. Keep your drains clear and this will not be an issue.

Cover Foods

Of course covering your food and properly storing everything ensures your establishment is up to safety and health code. However, uncovered food also has another danger to your commercial refrigeration system. High levels of acidity will cause faster corrosion in your refrigeration unit, eating at refrigerant lines. Avoid this speedy corrosion by properly covering and storing all foods.

Consider Upgrading

Upgrading some of the features on your commercial refrigeration unit will make it easier to clean and maintain your unit as well as lower your energy bills. Try installing adaptive controls for your anti-sweat heaters. This will allow the devices to turn on and off automatically in response to refrigerator conditions, saving you on energy bills since your heater will not be running 24/7.


- Preventative Maintenance is key to the longevity of your equipment
- Why leave your systems to chance?
- Is your water safe?



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