Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance – Don’t Rely on Luck for HVAC

Commercial HVAC Preventive Maintenance – Don’t Rely on Luck for HVAC

St. Patrick’s Day is this week, a holiday that centers around being lucky (along with green beer and green beads and…you get the point). Making decisions based on a lucky feeling can be a very risky endeavor and unfortunately we see many businesses relying on their luck so far when it comes to their commercial HVAC systems. When you rely on the lucky streak you have had without any problems so far, chances are a major break will happen on the hottest or coldest day of the year. Instead, it is important to establish commercial HVAC preventive maintenance programs for your system.

Todco provides advice on commercial HVAC preventive maintenance

Why Preventive Maintenance?

Here is a scary stat – less than half of companies perform preventive maintenance on their commercial HVAC systems. The problem with that is preventive maintenance can reduce HVAC energy costs by 5 to 40 percent depending on the system equipment, according to Institute for Building Efficiency. There are so many other benefits when you perform preventive maintenance, including:

  • Cut HVAC costs
  • Extend equipment life
  • Improve the health and comfort of building occupants
  • Prevent downtime

Benefit #1 – Cut HVAC Costs

Like we said above, businesses can see serious savings when commercial HVAC preventive maintenance is performed. This is due to the energy efficiency increases that are seen by a well-maintained commercial HVAC system. The components of the system get dirty or certain parts wear down faster than others. Every time a part is dirty or begins failing, then the HVAC equipment loses efficiency. Performing regular maintenance allows these parts to be checked and cleaned regularly so they are always performing at optimum efficiency.

Benefit #2 – Extend Equipment Life

Any piece of equipment needs regular attention and maintenance or you will more breaks more frequently. It is very similar to cars needing tune ups and oil changes on a regular basis. When you show your HVAC some attention and care with maintenance of each piece, then the equipment will last longer. This saves you money in the long run.

Benefit #3 – Improve Health and Comfort of Building Occupants

The efficiency of your commercial HVAC system has a lot to do with the health and comfort of the people in your building. When a system is ignored, it does not work efficiently and can push unfiltered or dirty air into the building. The allergens and other pollutants in the air can cause sickness and reduce productivity. Performing commercial HVAC preventive maintenance will eliminate these health risks and ensure everyone is comfortable in your building.

Benefit #4 – Prevent Downtime

When your HVAC system is regularly serviced, this will greatly reduce the risk of downtime if there is an equipment failure. A system that is not regularly serviced will break down suddenly, causing your business some expensive downtime before a repair can occur. With commercial HVAC preventive maintenance, your system will always be optimized for high performance. If a commercial HVAC contractor sees more and more issues with your system with every visit, they will keep you informed of the issues and give you a timeline to replace your commercial HVAC system.


- Preventative Maintenance is key to the longevity of your equipment
- Why leave your systems to chance?
- Is your water safe?



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