Learn About Sheet Metal in Commercial Fabrication for Welding Month!

Learn About Sheet Metal in Commercial Fabrication for Welding Month!

There is more to commercial HVAC than installing a unit. Often businesses also require entire custom commercial fabrication and sheet metal work for the ducts to run efficiently. Since April is Welding Month, TODCO decided to explore the importance and expertise of sheet metal in commercial fabrication projects.


Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication

For restaurants, stores, and warehouses, crafting and installing prefabrication throughout your space is an extension of your HVAC system. Choosing a layout and system that is more efficient and has greater longevity due to the material will be important in the success of your HVAC system. Commercial properties can choose a pre-constructed layout that fits the square footage of their space and the needs of their unit, or go for a custom fabrication that fits their needs specifically.

Fabrication Materials

Generally there are three main materials used in sheet metal fabrication work – stainless steel, Corian, and Formica. The welding and cutting required for these materials require the fabricators to possess expert skills to create ducts and prefabrication to match the space specifically. Quality workmanship is paramount in a successful fabrication project.

Commercial Fabrication Technicians

When creating custom sheet metal fabrication for HVAC systems, project managers work directly with the commercial client to understand the space requirements and what the company needs the fabrication to accomplish. From there, an expert technician team will work quickly, efficiently, and accurately to deliver a superior finished installation.

Sheet Metal Fabrication Installation

The creation of custom and quality sheet metal HVAC fabrication is important, but the installation is as well. Part of the creation of the fabrication rests in the actual installation in the commercial space. Having technicians available that know the detailed plan for installing commercial fabrication is an important piece of your HVAC project. Not only is an understanding of how the fabrication goes together important, but installation is full of risks. Severe cuts and falls can occur during the installation process, making it ever more imperative to find a company that employs specially certified and trained technicians to accomplish a fabrication project from start to finish.

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