How Often Should I Schedule Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans?

How Often Should I Schedule Commercial HVAC Maintenance Plans?

May 21st is National Memo Day, the perfect time to review your HVAC maintenance program. Ongoing maintenance is important to the health of your commercial HVAC system. When you neglect ongoing HVAC maintenance, you greatly increase the risk of unexpected breaks and poor efficiency that will cost more down the road than ongoing maintenance! For Memo Day, we thought we would break down the importance of commercial HVAC maintenance plans and how often you should schedule maintenance.

choosing and scheduling commercial hvac maintenance plans

What are the benefits of commercial HVAC maintenance plans?

Preventive maintenance for your commercial HVAC unit provides many benefits to the health of your system. When you schedule ongoing maintenance, you are proactively planning for cost control with an integral system in your business. The expense of emergency service is virtually eliminated with ongoing service appointments that check for issues before they happen. Energy costs are reduced since your system efficiency is analyzed during an appointment. Employees and other visitors to your commercial site are more comfortable with excellent climate control.

How much are the cost savings for commercial HVAC maintenance?

Commercial HVAC maintenance plans are set up to catch issues before they occur. Some of the costs you have to consider when planning for ongoing maintenance includes:

  • The cost for after-hours emergency service
  • How much a part replacement will cost
  • The cost of the productivity lost because employees either cannot come to work or are not able to concentrate because of uncomfortable working conditions

What is included during HVAC maintenance?

An HVAC technician’s tasks will vary depending on the type of commercial HVAC maintenance plan a business purchases. Overall, an ongoing maintenance appointment will include checking all HVAC equipment for low efficiency, worn parts, or other issues that throw up a warning flag for a future break. The technician will also tune-up the system for the change in seasons and test to ensure everything is working properly in the heating and cooling system. Sometimes parts or services is included depending on the business’ service plan. Check out Trane’s website to get a better of idea of the specifics that can be performed with commercial HVAC maintenance plans.

How often should commercial HVAC maintenance be scheduled?

How often maintenance should be scheduled depends on the system your commercial property uses as well as the service plan you select from a commercial HVAC company. Generally you can expect the following time for a commercial HVAC maintenance plan:

  • Commercial buildings that only have a furnace or other heating system will have maintenance performed annually before the heating season, usually late summer or early fall. Depending on your heating system (ie: boilers), this maintenance may be more frequent or varied.
  • Commercial buildings that only have an air conditioner or other cooling system will perform annual maintenance before the cooling season, usually late winter or early spring.
  • Commercial building that have both heating and cooling systems will have a minimum of bi-annual maintenance in the spring and fall before each season starts.


- Preventative Maintenance is key to the longevity of your equipment
- Why leave your systems to chance?
- Is your water safe?



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