4 Ways to Improve Commercial Air Conditioner Efficiency

4 Ways to Improve Commercial Air Conditioner Efficiency

Your AC unit is working overtime in the summer and every time it kicks on you can hear the dollars ringing up on your energy bill. Summer and winter months are usually more expensive for businesses due to the requirements your HVAC system has to meet, but there are always things you can do to save energy and improve your electric bill. To save money all summer long, learn four ways to improve commercial air conditioner efficiency.

commercial air conditioner efficiency

Keep It Clean

Keeping the area around and the inner parts of your commercial air conditioner system will help improve the efficiency of the system. Starting with your outdoor unit, keep the area around the system clear of debris and other obstructions like weeds, bushes, or grass. A professional should also look at your AC unit seasonally to ensure the inside of the commercial air conditioner is free of debris. Small rocks, dirt buildup, and other outdoor grime can build up on components, causing the parts to malfunction and break.

It is also important to keep your vents and ducts cleaned to allow an easier pass through of air flow. Dirt build up on vents and inside of ducts will cause an air push back, requiring the system to work harder. Likewise, dirt and debris in your vents can increase allergens in the air and cause illness for building occupants.

Add Temperature Controls

Adding automatic temperature control technology to your commercial property will allow a smart system to detect the optimal temperature that maintains comfort without spending too many energy dollars. A programmable thermostat will allow the building to be set at a higher temperature when there is no one in the building, such as in the evening. Likewise, timing automation systems will adjust the temperature depending on the time of day to keep it running more efficiently.

Install an Economizer for Commercial Air Conditioner Efficiency

Instead of a compressor cooling the warm air mechanically to generate cold AC, you can add an economizer that utilizes the cool outside air to reduce the temperature of your building. Often commercial buildings generate more heat than the air outside during operation. An economizer only uses energy to push the already cool air through the structure.

Get An Energy Audit

Performing a professional energy audit will allow you to see exactly where your building is performing at a less-than-efficient rate. An energy audit will tell you if you need to insulate your building more, need an updated thermostat, need ducts sealed, or need a new commercial air conditioner for better efficiency. This is a good way to make big decisions about your HVAC system and save money over time.


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