Signs That You Need Commercial Refrigeration Repair

Signs That You Need Commercial Refrigeration Repair

A properly functioning refrigeration unit is a big part of what maintains your profits in your restaurant or convenience store. Food keeps longer so you don’t lose money on inventory with an efficient refrigerator. Likewise, a clean and well-lit refrigeration system in grocery and convenience stores encourages food purchases, especially when customers reach in to a cold refrigerator. Sometimes you need commercial refrigeration repair or replacement without realizing it. Here are some signs that you should get your refrigerator checked out by a technician.

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Thermostat Reads Warm, But Refrigerator is Cold

Is your thermostat is reading that your fridge is maintaining a too-warm temperature even though the contents are cold? If so, your thermostat could be going bad. This causes more problems than just giving you a faulty reading, however. The thermostat ties into the compressor that keeps the refrigerator cold. When the thermostat is telling the compressor the fridge is too warm, it works overtime to try to lower that temperature.

Replacing your thermostat is the first step to resolve the issue. Yet if replace the thermostat and the compressor is still working overtime, the motor may be burnt out. This repair is not so simple as replacing the compressor which is a difficult and expensive endeavor. Have a refrigeration technician take a look at your commercial refrigeration repair needs to see if the compressor is bad. If so, it is often an affordable and better long-term solution to replace the refrigeration unit.

Commercial Refrigeration Repair is Required Because of Hot Refrigerator

The opposite could be the problem where your refrigerator is much too warm. The warmth can be attributed to three different causes.

  1. If the inside and actual contents of your refrigerator are too warm. Often the cause of this is a bad sealing system. Cold air is escaping and your compressor motor can’t keep up with keeping your items cold. When your contents are warm, that means every part of your refrigerator is trying to work harder to keep everything cold, leading to major repairs down the road.
  2. If the inside of your refrigerator is warm and all your food is spoiling is the contents. If you are packing all of your food together, you are not permitting proper airflow around your items. This raises the temperature of the fridge and makes all the items spoil. While commercial refrigeration repair is not required in this case, you either need to reduce the amount of food in the refrigerator or buy a larger refrigeration unit.
  3. If the back or sides of your refrigerator feel hot. Heat on the outside of your commercial refrigeration unit mean the condenser coils are dirty and need to have the dust build up cleaned off them. The coils get hot and your compressor will work too hard to cool the unit off. It is important to get your coils cleaned regularly to avoid a major repair.

Commercial Refrigeration Unit is Too Old

Refrigeration units that are over fifteen years old do not contain the energy efficiency technology that newer models have. This means old refrigerators are causing you to spend more on energy bills than you need to. Likewise when a commercial refrigeration repair is needed, the parts are more difficult to find causing a more expensive repair. Learn about the energy efficiency requirements for new EnergyStar rated commercial refrigerators and freezers.

Energy Bills Are High and Refrigerator is Not So Cold

If you have noticed your energy bills gradually climbing without a change in how much energy your business is outputting, then it may be because of your refrigerator. Any of the above problems could be the cause of a warm refrigerator, so be sure to have a technician perform a commercial refrigeration repair to see what the problem and solution is to your energy crisis.


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