Choosing the Right Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

Choosing the Right Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

There are many types of businesses that need commercial refrigeration equipment including restaurants, convenience stores, pharmacies, and more. Some of the businesses are just opening and need a reliable commercial refrigeration unit. Others are trying to push their outdated commercial refrigeration equipment to the brink of death. Whether your business has a walk-in refrigerator or just a multi-door refrigeration unit, if that unit is out of date you will inevitably experience an expensive repair, an unbudgeted unit replacement, or costly energy bills. Having recurring repairs done to fix that old unit will not provide you with what you actually need – new commercial refrigeration equipment. Here are some things to consider when choosing the right commercial refrigeration equipment.

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Look Over What You Currently Have

Figure out when your commercial refrigeration equipment was purchased and installed in your business. Next, you should measure the unit and make a note of key features that the unit has, such as how many doors, the dimensions of the room, and what problems you are experiencing with this unit. You also want to note hallways near the unit; this will help the refrigeration service company when they have to remove the old unit and install new commercial refrigeration equipment. If you call the right refrigeration service company, they will send out an HVAC technician to inspect the unit for you and troubleshoot the problems to help you save money.

Explain Your Business and Needs

When you begin talking to companies that sell commercial refrigeration units, be sure to explain about your type of business and your needs for the new piece of equipment. Ensuring the company you work with understands what needs you have will help them find proper unit to install.

Buying the Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

If you have a favorite refrigeration brand, then feel free to stick to that brand. Otherwise research your options by either calling your local refrigeration service company or by searching various websites to find the best quality and most affordable commercial refrigeration.

To save money, you could buy a used commercial refrigeration unit. This is not normally recommended – used units have a limited lifespan and it is more affordable in the long run to buy commercial refrigeration equipment that is new. Especially if you heavily use your commercial refrigeration equipment, a new unit is the better option. Some problems you can experience if you buy a used unit includes:

  • Mold from the previous business.
  • Leaks water onto the floor.
  • Does not keep food or drinks cold.
  • The compressor has “burned out” and it can cost nearly $1,000 to simply replace it.
  • The metal has corroded away from the unit.

It’s best to buy a new or newer unit as they have more necessary features pertaining to your business, they will last longer, the unit is energy efficient and you can receive a rebate for purchasing commercial refrigeration equipment from the Energy Star brand, depending on the local municipality your business is located.

Call a Technician Who Can Install the Unit

The mechanics you call about installing your new unit should be able to install any type of commercial refrigeration equipment, provide you with tips on regularly maintaining the integrity of the unit, offer warranty programs for the unit and give you more information about the services they can provide for you.


- Preventative Maintenance is key to the longevity of your equipment
- Why leave your systems to chance?
- Is your water safe?



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