Must-Have Features of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems for Facilities Managers

Must-Have Features of Commercial Air Conditioning Systems for Facilities Managers

There are numerous modern and high-tech features of commercial air conditioning systems that business owners and facilities managers can purchase. Such features include being able to control your air conditioning unit through an app on a mobile device or being made from the most environmentally friendly materials. However, it is important to find the right HVAC system feature for the company without costing more than necessary per your budget. Here are some of the must-have features for all commercial air conditioning systems.

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General Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Must-Have Features

Size does matter when it comes to commercial air conditioning systems. The bigger the size of the commercial HVAC unit, the more power it will exert; so needing the proper space for commercial air conditioning systems is important. The system must have enough BTU (British Thermal Unit) power to effectively cool the entire spaces of a business or large facility. Another general feature of the system you need as a facilities manager is to have a unit that is both modular and zoned. This means that you can always add additional heating and cooling units to the system and can also have “zoned areas” where you can have certain areas of the business or facility cool or warm.

Rooftop Commercial Air Conditioning Systems Must-Have Features

Having a rooftop commercial air conditioning system can benefit a business for several reasons, depending upon the construction of your business. Rooftop commercial air conditioning systems provide for more security for your HVAC system compared to units located on the ground that are susceptible to being vandalized or even stolen. Since your business has only a limited amount of space, you are able to save on land space by having your commercial HVAC system on the roof. Inside the business or warehouse, the amount of noise that is given off by commercial air conditioning systems is limited. Perhaps the most important benefit of having the commercial HVAC system on the roof of your business is that its’ energy performance tends to improve as most of these types of units have energy saving features that can be added on.

Specific Equipment to Add On

For providing efficient cooling throughout your building or facility, it is recommended to add on economizers with enthalpy controls. The economizer brings in more outside air to help cool the building down, although if it is too humid outside, customers and employees can feel cool but clammy. The way to keep customers and employees cool without feeling clammy is to have an enthalpy control, which the word comes from the meaning “total heat.” This control will measure the amount of heat that comes from in from outside air through the economizer.

Another must-have feature to add on that will help reduce costs is to have the fans and blowers be able to operate at variable speeds. Most of the time these variable-speed fans will operate at lower levels of energy output, thus reducing the amount of power needed to cool down the building and reducing your costs.


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