Best HVAC Systems for Commercial Systems

Best HVAC Systems for Commercial Systems

Much like businesses, not all commercial HVAC systems are the same. Some businesses are smaller than others and some businesses are in different industries. So when looking for a new commercial HVAC system, a restaurant will not be looking for the same heating and cooling system as would an office building with multiple stories and more employees. Here are some things to remember when selecting the best HVAC systems that different industries should use.

best hvac systems for commercial properties

Business Size Helps Determine Best HVAC

How large your business is will determine the size of the commercial HVAC system you will need. What is needed to be figured out is how much square footage that the building houses and how many people are employed there. For example, a factory that assembles car parts will need a larger HVAC system as compared to the local fast food drive-thru. The factory needs a larger HVAC system not just because of the much larger square footage than a restaurant, but also because there are more people employed there. In this case the best HVAC systems will not be something smaller, like ductless HVAC, but a larger, comprehensive system to cover the square footage.

Location is an Important Factor

Depending upon size of the business, the best HVAC systems will be rooftop units. This is important, especially if the business is neighbors with other businesses and properties, and an added benefit is that it would be out of sight for customers who come to your business.

Ductless vs. Ductwork HVAC Systems

The important differentiation between ductless HVAC systems and systems with ductwork is if there are multiple rooms or “zones” in your business, or if the business is open like a warehouse or open factory. Such businesses like a restaurant or an office space that has more rooms, have the zones. These types of businesses are best to have a ductless system so you have better ability to heat up or cool down specific parts of the business.

Modular Helps Better Your Commercial HVAC System in the Future

If you have a commercial HVAC system that is not modular and you want to eventually expand and add on to your business, this is not one of the best HVAC systems for your goals. A modular system is one that allows more components to be added that will further improve indoor air quality while lowering your monthly bills with highly-efficient equipment installed.


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