Why You Should Consider Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication for Your Business

Why You Should Consider Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication for Your Business

When it comes to installing commercial HVAC ductwork systems, custom sheet metal fabrication is an excellent technique to create and install ductwork systems for your building. Not only is sheet metal a superior material compared to other fabrication options for your ductwork, but custom sheet metal fabrication as opposed to template ducts provides numerous benefits to a variety of commercial and industrial businesses.

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You Can’t Say Custom Sheet Metal Fabrication without Customization

The first advantage of custom sheet metal fabrication is the malleability of the material to be formed into any shape desired. For businesses that are housed in a building that is not one uniform square or rectangular shape, and has parts branching off on the sides, then custom sheet metal fabrication installation is necessary.

Sheet Metal is Durable

Another benefit of having commercial HVAC ductwork with custom sheet metal fabrication is the durability and strength of the material, even though it is not as heavy as other metal fabrications. The sheet metal is able to withstand any sort of pressure and can resist the harshest winters and the hottest summers. With this material, the ductwork in your business will also resist corroding due to the outside elements (for a rooftop HVAC system). If your building has not yet been built, it will be easier for commercial engineers and architects to build the facility without worrying about heavy and difficult metal fabrication to work around. Once building plans are approved, it is recommended that the architect send the plans over to the custom sheet metal fabricators so they can construct the design of the ductwork.

Custom Sheet Metal is Easier to Service

The third advantage of customizing your commercial ductwork is the ability of HVAC technicians to easily service your HVAC system. Whether you have an HVAC system on the roof of your business or at the back, custom fabrication will allow HVAC technicians to service the ductwork much easily with ducts that make sense with the flow of the building design. This allows easier access into ducts for routine inspections and cleaning every few years.


- Preventative Maintenance is key to the longevity of your equipment
- Why leave your systems to chance?
- Is your water safe?



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