A Guide to Commercial Heating Systems

A Guide to Commercial Heating Systems

Luckily with today’s technology, there are numerous kinds of commercial heating systems that are cost-effective and will provide the appropriate heat necessary for your business. There are four broad kinds of commercial heating systems: Oil or Gas steam system, Gas or Water system, Natural Energy and Heat Pumps. Each of these commercial heating systems has their benefits, but not all of them can be universal for all industries of business or sizes of business.

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Natural Energy Systems

Natural energy systems are environmentally-friendly systems as energy is generated from sustainable resources such as geothermal heating, solar power, wind turbines and others. The main benefit of natural energy systems is the cost effectiveness over a longer period of time. The main caveat to this system is that there are typically higher installation costs and these are usually constructed for larger businesses or commercial spaces.

Oil or Gas Steam Commercial Heating Systems

The oil or gas system setup has been the cornerstone of the commercial HVAC industry for generations. Oil or gas is boiled and the steam generated from its boil passes through the piping or ductwork to heat up the building. Though oil or gas steam heating systems have been a staple of our industry for years, it has gradually become an outdated mode of commercial heating, as it is inefficient in energy usage and takes time for the oil or gas to boil. A boiler is used in this commercial heating system setup. One particular benefit of this system is that it will work greatly for large industrial or warehouse properties, especially in colder regions.

Gas or Water Systems

There few differences between a gas or water heating system and an oil or gas steam heating system. Both use a boiler unit to heat a liquid substance to generate steam that will flow through piping or ductwork throughout a business. It also can waste energy as the air in the system must clear each time the heat is turned on, which just adds more time to the heating process.

Heat Pump Systems

Heat pumps are the newest and perhaps the most economical trend in the commercial heating systems industry. Heat pump systems do not rely on a fuel source as the system will extract heat from the outside air and push it through a business’ ductwork to heat the building. In cases where it can get too cold, there is a backup heater powered by electricity. Heat pump systems have become very cost effective and energy efficient, making it the latest and greatest thing in the industry. These systems however may not work as efficiently in below-average winter temperatures.


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