Pros & Cons of Commercial Boilers

Pros & Cons of Commercial Boilers

Commercial boilers have provided heat for businesses across the country for many years and still do so today. Boilers in businesses can use oil, coal or gas for power. The burner in the boiler will then heat the oil, coal or gas to deliver combustible heat to water, which is then processed as heated water or steam. This heat is then distributed throughout the business.

Boilers today have improved with new advancements in technology, allowing them to become more energy efficient and cost effective for businesses. However, there are still some cons associated with commercial boilers.

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Pros of Commercial Boilers

Boilers don’t rely on heating air and do not pass along allergens and other contaminants that furnaces carry. Since furnaces use ductwork to pass heat throughout the building, they grab the dust and contaminants that are in the air and that have settled in ductwork. Boilers do not use the same system, allowing for better indoor air quality.

Commercial boilers have a distinct advantage over furnaces and heat pumps in businesses in the way it distributes heat evenly throughout the building. One problem that can often be seen from commercial furnaces is that the heated air is collected towards the ceiling after it is pushed through the vents of the ductwork.

Another benefit to having a commercial boiler is the longer lifespan it can provide. One of the main reasons why a commercial boiler lasts longer than other heating systems is that there are fewer mechanical repairs associated with boilers.

Cons of Commercial Boilers

Commercial boilers tend to cost more to install and repair compared to furnaces and other heating systems. A licensed and experienced technician must provide preventative maintenance for a commercial boiler. Not just anyone can work on a boiler and expect it to run efficiently through the winter, especially since it is powered by combustible fuels such as oil, gas or coal.

Another con is that one size commercial boiler does not fit all types and sizes of businesses. A warehouse or building with multiple floors will need a boiler that produces a larger amount of BTUs (British Thermal Units), than a smaller business the size of a small convenience store, which will produce a much smaller amount of BTUs.


- Preventative Maintenance is key to the longevity of your equipment
- Why leave your systems to chance?
- Is your water safe?



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