Steps to Prevent Commercial Heating Repair

Steps to Prevent Commercial Heating Repair

Commercial heating repair costs can be costly for any small business, but luckily there are ways to avoid and prevent having these repairs. Some steps to prevent commercial heating repair can actually be done by a business, and some have to be done by a licensed and trained HVAC technician. Unfortunately, commercial heating systems can break down when it is at the worst possible time, yet there are warning signs for business owners to detect when there could be problems with the commercial heating system.

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First Step Is To Not Ignore Potential Signs of Problems

Business owners who notice anything that could serve as a potential problem for their commercial heating system should call a trusted, licensed HVAC technician, one who can make sure your system avoids commercial heating repair. There are a few signs that if a business owner notices, should call the technician as soon as possible. Such signs can include:

  • Odd smells coming from the ventilation of the ductwork.
  • Strange sounds that come from the commercial boiler, furnace, or heat pump and the ductwork or piping that is associated with each.
  • The air filter has not been changed on its regular basis of three to four months.
  • Ventilation from the ductwork has not been cleaned, leading to poor indoor air quality circulating throughout the business.
  • Higher than normal heating bills from the utility company.
  • System does not heat up to the temperature desired from what was set by the thermostat.

Any and all of these problems that a business owner can notice should consider calling an HVAC technician to come to the business and check the system and ductwork or piping associated with the system to prevent commercial heating repair.

Next Step – Schedule Preventative Maintenance to Avoid Commercial Heating Repair

Commercial heating repair can also be avoided by scheduling seasonal preventative maintenance with a licensed HVAC technician. Prior to when businesses typically turn on their heat for their customers and employees, business owners should have scheduled a routine appointment with a local HVAC technician. During this time, the technician will search for any signs of problems with the heating system that could be in need of commercial heating repair.

The technician will check the thermostat settings, check all gas or oil connections, check the burner on the commercial boiler unit, check the heat exchanger on the heat pump system and check the gas pressure. The technician should also check the furnace ductwork and boiler piping setup for any leaks that do not effectively distribute heat throughout the business. Most importantly the technician should explain to you everything he looked at and address any problems that he found that could lead to commercial heating repair.

DIY Step – What the Business Can Do to Prevent Commercial Heating Repair

To know for certain how to avoid commercial heating repair costs, it is highly recommended to consult an experienced HVAC technician who can perform routine preventative maintenance and diagnose any problems with your heating unit. A few things that a business can do to prevent commercial heating repair includes cleaning the commercial furnace, seal the ductwork, and schedule regular maintenance appointments with a local HVAC technician prior to the winter and summer months.

Business owners can seal the ductwork by using mastic, foil tape or Aeroseal products. This can also improve the efficiency of the HVAC system by 20 percent. It is still recommended that an experienced technician should come to the business to see if the ductwork needs to be sealed and can then properly seal it. The most reliable and important thing a business owner can do to avoid commercial heating repair is by scheduling HVAC preventative maintenance.


- Preventative Maintenance is key to the longevity of your equipment
- Why leave your systems to chance?
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