Benefits to Energy Efficient Heating and Cooling Systems for Commercial Businesses

Benefits to energy efficient heating and air conditioning units


It’s a chilly winter morning. Your employees are getting the business ready to open for customers to stop in and purchase what you have to offer. As the business owner, you are anticipating a large volume of customers to come by throughout the day. However, fate has an unfortunate turn of events set in store – the commercial heating unit you installed decades ago (you know, the one that you keep having to call a technician to fix), breaks down. The day is ruined. So what do you do? You could call the technician to fix it again, but who knows when it will break down again. Here’s an idea, try out a new energy efficient heating and energy efficient air conditioning unit.


Energy efficient heating and air conditioning units can provide numerous benefits for businesses. Such benefits include reducing energy bills and operation costs, reducing the carbon footprint on the local environment, and will keep your customers warm in the winter and cool in the summer.


Energy Rebates, Tax Credits are offered for energy efficient heating and cooling units

Nowadays, business owners have to worry about so many things, like payroll, inventory, marketing, bills and more. Having to worry about constant repairs on an outdated commercial HVAC unit is not something you want to deal with as a business owner. When it is time to replace this inefficient equipment, it is typically more cost effective to just install a new energy efficient heating and air conditioning unit.


Another benefit of installing a new energy efficient HVAC unit is the tax credits you can receive for your business. You can receive federal tax credits for the energy efficient HVAC unit if you own, or are a lessee, of a commercial building. There are other types of industries that a business can receive tax credits for various energy efficient services. Some utility companies have also partnered with local municipalities to provide rebates when installing energy efficient heating and energy efficient cooling units on your business’ property.


Use less energy to heat or cool a business

Cost is by far the most important benefit for installing an energy efficient heating and cooling unit in your business. This can occur by setting the temperature to match the season outdoors to 65 degrees in the wintertime and 78 degrees in the summertime. This helps lessen the time and energy spent on cooling or warming a building, thus leading to energy consumption.


Two is greater than one: Installing a programmable thermostat with an energy efficient HVAC unit lowers costs

With recent advancements in HVAC technology, installing a programmable thermostat with an energy efficient heating and cooling unit can help a business save up to 10 percent annually in energy costs. Before purchasing the first programmable thermostat you see online, it is recommended to consult with a licensed HVAC technician to determine you best options. Modern energy efficient heating and energy efficient cooling units are already set up to allow business owners to add on a programmable thermostat.


Do not oversize the HVAC unit for your business

Having an oversized HVAC unit installed will increase capital costs and the energy output of your building. It is recommended to ask your local HVAC technician to perform an Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) “Manual N Commercial Load Calculation” to determine the appropriate sized energy efficient heating and cooling unit. If this is not properly done, then you could face much larger installation costs and energy costs on your business.


- Preventative Maintenance is key to the longevity of your equipment
- Why leave your systems to chance?
- Is your water safe?



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